KULAROS - Visuals


*Textures created in Corel

The HUD features four main components

The Curve effect, which uses a UI retainer box and material to distort the UI, in an aim to add subtle depth

EKG / Heartrate, which uses a single material that is adjusted by the player blueprint based on the players current health

Blood Splatter, which uses a simple image and media overlay controlled by the player blueprint based on the players current health

Glitch effect, uses a UI retainer box and material to distort the UI (by a slightly randomised amount) when the player takes damage

Niagara Weapon Effects

As it takes up a larger portion of the screen, the player's pistol effect is more complex than the rifle. It has four main components, all of which have been created in Niagara

The heat Niagara effect uses refraction to distort areas of the pistol (making them look hot)

as the player gets closer to "overloading" the pistol, the effect multiplies 

The origin pulse (larger part of the beam), is a Niagara beam style effect

The spray is a Niagara burst style effect

The main beam Niagara effect uses the line trace from the player, for orientation, hit location and distance

The rifle effect, used by the enemy guards, has two main components, the origin pulse and projectile.

The origin pulse is the same Niagara effect used by the players pistol, with a few adjustments to the overall shape.

The projectile is a blueprint, which is also responsible for the hit detection and damage. 

This was chosen over a solely Niagara based system as using a projectile produced more accurate hit results

Environmental Assets

Trash bags

The trash bags use a basic construction script, which allows the quick and easy swapping out the model to help find the one best suited for the area

As the models are also simulation based, more can be generated and added into the blueprint


*Textures created in Corel

The cans use a construction script, which allows us to quickly and easily 'crush' the model, by switching out the mesh. It also allows the label texture to be changed


The crystals use a construction script for their brightness and mesh. This blueprint also allows the crystals to have a hit effect, where when shot by the player they briefly change colour

The Crystal's material uses pixel depth to lower the number of sparkles and their brightness at larger distances