Billy Gray - Realtime Technical Artist


Hertfordshire University

ULTOR - Interactive Game Preview

Rookies Draft Selection 2023

Ultor is a narrative-focused interactive game preview with an emphasis on aesthetics and final capture quality. It was created by a small group of students including myself.

As Technical Director of the project I was responsible for a variety of components, including the Quick Time Event and Interaction systems. I was also responsible for UXUI, a selection of Shaders and effects, rendering along with rendering profiles, in-engine cinematic work, post-processing, grading and editing. While also providing and maintaining suitably designed pipeline and workflow practices, to limit potential issues.

 UE 5.0     Maya     Blender     Substance Suite     Corel Suite     Adobe Suite     DaVinci Resolve 

Digital Salmon

Ford Explorer™ - Virtual Test Drive

The Ford Logo and CX740S are the property of The Ford Motor Company

Working with the amazing team at Digital Salmon and in collaboration with Imagination, we created the Ford Explorer - Virtual Test Drive.

This pixel-streamed driving experience and car configurator is a "world-first", built using Unreal Engine 5 and premiering as part of Ford's virtual launch event.

Take the Ford Explorer for a drive using the link below.


Hertfordshire University

Whilst working on Ultor I also freelanced on Hellion’s Order, where I created a Material compatible with Unreal Engine 5's Level Sequencer, which provided controllable and highly adjustable transitions between two texture sets.

Featuring procedurally generated origins for said transition.

I also provided advice, debugging, and changelists to enable their chain simulation to function optimally during their renders.

 UE 5.0     Corel Suite 


An efficient, customizable set of vending machine assets I created using Unreal Engine 5.0. It makes use of Construction Scripts, LODs, packed textures, and optimised materials.

 UE 5.0     Blender     Corel Suite 

Hertfordshire University

Working with a talented 4-person team of 2nd-year university students we created Kularos, an interactive game preview built using Unreal Engine 4.26.

I was responsible for the visual effects, interactive elements, functionality, UXUI, menu systems, project-wide optimisation, and blueprints.

 UE 4.6     Maya     Blender     Substance Suite     Corel Suite     Adobe Suite     DaVinci Resolve 

Hertfordshire University

This was a short project, focused on demonstrating my understanding of how to design, develop, and implement an in-depth and unique game mechanic using visual scripting in Unreal Engine 4.26.

 UE 4.6     DaVinci Resolve 


Hertfordshire University

To better my understanding of the game's design process, this brief tasked me with constructing a "Grey Box", a prototype of a hypothetical game. 

This prototype is a fully functional team-based multiplayer, using Steam, with gameplay mechanics and a layout based on traditional arena style shooters such as Unreal Tournament.


 UE 4.6     DaVinci Resolve 

Hertfordshire University

During this assignment, I was exposed to industry practices and pipelines for games Technical Art. 

This assignment helped me to enhance my technical skills, aiding me in exploring and creating a variety of technical content. 

The final product of which, was a Runner-style mechanic showcased in an environment using solely procedural materials, with additional Niagara effects as well as simple UI elements.

 UE 4.6     Corel Suite     DaVinci Resolve 

Hertfordshire University

Live Brief - Stellar Entertainment 

This brief required me to make use of Unreal Engine for the first time. Tasking me with creating a set of real-time effects (realistic or stylised)

I decided to create impressionable snow, a capture of which can be seen on the left. This would later be presented alongside 2 other effects, rain and fire, using a vehicle as the player character.


*Currently unavailable

 UE 4.6     Corel Suite     DaVinci Resolve 

Hertfordshire University
New College Stamford

2D Artwork

Contains life drawing, viewer discretion is therefore advised.

Collation of some of the 2D artwork produced for both University and College assignments, this includes both digital and traditional work. 

 Corel Suite     Adobe Suite 


Hertfordshire University

Computer Graphics Practices

3D module containing multiple assignments each assisting in the initial understanding of a variety of software including Houdini, 3Delight, Maya, Bender, and Lumberyard.

*Currently unavailable

 Maya     Blender     Corel Suite     Adobe Suite 

Stamford Civic Society
New College Stamford

Working directly for the Stamford Civic Society, I and Abbigale Anderson-Critchell created the Stamford Historic Sites app. The app aims to aid visitors to Stamford in learning about the historic buildings in the area. 

This project was based on a live brief and initial work that was created during our final year at New College Stamford.

 Corel Suite     Adobe Suite 

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