Predator Bow Remake - Crysis 3

"Game ready" model produced as part of an Advanced Hard Surface module at Staffordshire University. 

Based on in-game reference and concept art of the Crysis 3 Predator Bow.

Interactive Marmoset Viewer

Textures have been compressed for optimised use in the Marmoset Viewer

UE5 "Beauty" render

Render of the textured bow model in a UE5.3 scene (using appropriate 3rd party decorative assets*)

Substance Painter Renders

Model Specifications

29,822 tris

Singular 4K texture sheet

Texture maps:

Normal, Height (Displacement), Albedo, Packed - Roughness, Metallic and Ambient Occlusion. 

Turnaround & Wireframe

Rendered in UE5.3


Alongside the model itself, I was required to create a reflective document and forum thread of the model's development. These can be found below.

Reflective Discussion Document


Complete Forum Thread

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